Renovated carpentry knife for the kitchen

I’ve always wanted a meat cleaver, or at least a decent sized knife with some weight behind it. My Dad has a wide variety of tools from his Father, most of which have been outdated by either mechanical equipment or developments in the design. Rummaging through them, one in particular caught my eye and having wielded it like William Thatcher in A Knight’s Tale for a moment, it was destined to be a part of my kitchen setup.

Having clamped the knife in the bench top clamp, I set about giving it a good sanding down to remove as much of the rust as I could with the hand sander. I then finished it over my hand with some P80 sand paper to give the cracks and crevices some well-needed attention.

After that, I sanded the blade and handle with P80, P120 and P240 sand paper to produce a nice smooth finish. I gave it a good wash with hot soapy water and dried it thoroughly by the fire.

Once dry, I applied some briwax to the handle and let it dry again.

Finally, I could sharpen the cutting edge. The band sand came in handy here to remove large defects and do a larger portion of the work and then the hand sander to neaten bits up.

I then lightly oiled the cutting edge and gently rubbed it against P120 and then P240 sandpaper to sharpen it further. I knew I would get it as sharp as my other knives, nowhere near in fact, and this is largely dur to the shear thickness of the blade. As such, it’ll serve nicely as a meat cleaver or for chopping up large root vegetables. Washed it again to remove the oil and clean up the blade.

I’m so pleased with how it turned out! Not bad for 2 days’ work.

Let me know your thoughts and what you’ve renovated too! I’m always on the lookout for new things to refurbish and would love to see what you are doing too and exchange ideas for future projects!

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