Homemade leather card holder

I thought I’d give working with leather another try. It isn’t that my last home project using the material was particularly difficult, but rather I had some leftover leather after making a knife sheath and so didn’t want to just discard it. Despite already having a sturdy wallet already, I have on numerous occasions been tempted to buy a card wallet to replace it. In a world where cash is becoming somewhat of an outdated commodity, we find ourselves more and more just ‘tap and go’-ing. Call me old fashioned, but cash is king…

I set about making a card wallet, which boasted the usual tenuous waistline, but with a central compartment for cash! Luckily for me, the notebook I butchered had designated slots for business card, which I used to create the card slots.

Final pieces of leather for card slots

To create the regions for the cards and the cash, I realised that 4 separate sheets of leather would be necessary with 2 smaller additional strips to divide each card slot themselves into 2. I used the same waxed linen thread as used for the knife sheath.

Layered leather pieces for card wallet

Unlike with the knife sheath, I wanted the card wallet to have smaller and more subtle pilot holes for the thread. I still needed pilot holes so fashioned a thick needle to poke a hole through each layer. I then used the surgical needle holders to pull the needle through to complete the straight stitch. I realised it was easier to stitch in the card slots for each side of the card wallet separately and then stitch the two sides together. It meant more work, but was easier and meant I could better approximate the edges without issue.

I repeated this for the other edges of this side of the card wallet and then did the same for the other side.

Two sides of the card wallet

Once I’d finished the two sides of the card wallet, I had to then stitch the two side together. Think about the spine of a book. That’s at least what I thought it looked like anyway. This part was a little more difficult because I was working with a straight needle, but managed to use the flexibility of the leather to my advantage.

It was then just a matter of rinse and repeat for the other side and the bottom of the card wallet.

The final card holder

This was a lot of fun. It was harder than when I made the sheath, partly because for that I punched holes before I stitched the sides together and because the sheets of leather were larger. I guess the proof will be in the pudding on this one so I’ll do my best to remember to update you on how it holds up!
I must admit, I didn’t sketch a plan for this, so can’t really offer a resource for you all to follow. I shall try to deconstruct the card holder and post up a sketch design.

Find my email address in the Contact section and drop me any photos of what you’ve made too.

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