Making kombucha leather fabric: Drying the SCOBY sheets (2/3)

Okey, this part of the process I found quite exciting as you can see the material form as the SCOBY sheets dry out. It takes a while mind, but well worth the wait.

For my SCOBY sheet, I waited for approximately 4.5 weeks because I wanted it to be on the thicker side. There’s a lot of water in the SCOBY sheet so this means you end up with a decent thickness of the final material. I gently peeled the small SCOBY from the larger sheet and made started some kombucha with it. If you want to drink the resulting kombucha, follow the SCOBY growing blog and just place the smaller SCOBY into a large glass jar.

I then hung the SCOBY sheet in my kitchen using some clothes pegs for about 3-4 weeks, flipping it once a week. Rudimentary, I know! The longer the SCOBY sheet was left to dry, the thinner the material became until it was a little like the iron-on stiffening material.

I noticed that the material became a darker brown as it dried out, so don’t be alarmed if this happens. This is even more so if the SCOBY sheet is thicker to start with.

Good luck and let me know how you get on! I’d love to see what you manage to do! I shall post about what I got up to with the SCOBY leather shortly.

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