Handmade Wooden House Name

It’s been a while. Apologies. Work at uni has been a little tough as of late. Things are a little delayed, but they’re looking up so I’m getting back in to the swing of my extra-curricula activities.

As I’ve mentioned before, I find designing, creating, DIY etc really helpful to relieve stress and anxiety. I recently visited my parents’ new house as a combined escape from Manchester and drop-in visit. To my horror, their new digs didn’t have a sign outside which for one made it a ball-ache to find, and two it just wasn’t right…period!

The previous owners of the house left loads of wooden posts behind so I set about finding some which were on the less-rotten side of their shelf life. A bit like buying a house, I had to see the potential in them. The steaks for the ground needed a good sanding, but came out quite nicely in the end. The post for the actual sign needed a brief sand down too and afterwards I attached a baton on the back to help secure it into the workbench vice. I specifically chose the fractured end of the post because it look rather nice too. You can see it later in this blog post.

I must admit my favourite font is Times New Roman and after a brief internet search for other ideas, I went with it and set about the design. I cut out the words to create a negative stencil and taped it to the post, making sure it was absolutely centred.

Initially I thought I could directly router the words into the post, but fancied polishing up on my chiseling skills instead. So, I covered the exposed post with industrial sellotape, left over from the removal company, and spray-painted over the stencil.

Once the stencil was removed, it was just a matter of slowly chiselling away whilst taking in the view from the house.

After a good sand down to neaten up the letters, I used black acrylic paint to make the house name stand out. Luckily it went well, but yes this is the point in a project when if something will go wrong, it will. But it didn’t, so we’re good! You can see the fractured end on the left of the sign. It’s a little reminiscent of wings or something. Can’t quite put my finger on what exactly I like about it, but I do.

I coated the sign in some lacquer to seal in the acrylic paint and attached it to the two steaks once the lacquer was dry. I then carefully hammered the house sign into the ground by the entrance to the driveway, situated amongst the daffodils.

I’m pretty pleased with how it came out and it seemingly preceded my first encounter with a neighbour who asked if I worked with stone. I replied ‘I don’t…yet’. Although taking commissions could be enjoyable as a side hustle and maybe lucrative, I might just stick to the odd one if asked.

Let me know what you’ve been up to! If there is anything you’d like me to try, please drop me a line!! Happy to answer questions or help out where I can.

Dom out!

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