About me

My name is Dom. I’m a PhD researcher in Manchester, focusing on a tissue engineering of Advanced Biomedical Materials for medicine. My day-to-day work involves a fair amount of laboratory experiments, meetings with other researchers and my supervisors, and of course reading and writing. Lots and lots and lots of reading and writing.

Despite having long days and keeping odd working hours, I endeavour to fill my free-time where I can. Whilst I might hermit in my home or work office working on my thesis or camp out in my sterile working area during the day; I make the time to cook, design and construct, play with science at home, walk, run, throw weights around, play sport and see my friends.

My 3DPh.D logo

I have an Instagram page: @3DPh.D which I set up to detail the research that I do as part of my project, but also to post non-research content which relates to my work in communicating science and engineering. I’m heavily involved in designing and delivering activities and demonstrations for science communication for both The university of Manchester and for schools in the Greater Manchester area as part of the University’s Widening Participation scheme.

My blog aims to compliment my Instagram content, but with a little more about my non-academic creativity and artistic licence. Check out my first blog post for a little more about me, what I get up to and for more on my home projects.

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