Handmade Wooden House Name

It’s been a while. Apologies. Work at uni has been a little tough as of late. Things are a little delayed, but they’re looking up so I’m getting back in to the swing of my extra-curricula activities. As I’ve mentioned before, I find designing, creating, DIY etc really helpful to relieve stress and anxiety. IContinue reading “Handmade Wooden House Name”

Making kombucha leather fabric: Using the SCOBY sheets (3/3)

Now this part was probably my favourite aspect out of the entire project. I called upon the wonder skills of my Mother over at Textiles Matters who kindly tested the capability of the SCOBY fabric to hold a stitch. Well neither disappointed! I plan to test thee strength of the fabric using a tensile testingContinue reading “Making kombucha leather fabric: Using the SCOBY sheets (3/3)”

Making kombucha leather fabric: Drying the SCOBY sheets (2/3)

Okey, this part of the process I found quite exciting as you can see the material form as the SCOBY sheets dry out. It takes a while mind, but well worth the wait. For my SCOBY sheet, I waited for approximately 4.5 weeks because I wanted it to be on the thicker side. There’s aContinue reading “Making kombucha leather fabric: Drying the SCOBY sheets (2/3)”

Making kombucha leather fabric: Growing SCOBY sheets (1/3)

This is the first step to creating some leather-like material at home, using the same process to make Kombucha.I shall detail the drying process in the next posts. I’ve always been a little sceptical of kombucha if I’m being honest. I think it’s because it’s often associated with being trendy rather than solely for itsContinue reading “Making kombucha leather fabric: Growing SCOBY sheets (1/3)”

Homemade leather card holder

I thought I’d give working with leather another try. It isn’t that my last home project using the material was particularly difficult, but rather I had some leftover leather after making a knife sheath and so didn’t want to just discard it. Despite already having a sturdy wallet already, I have on numerous occasions beenContinue reading “Homemade leather card holder”

I think an introduction is in order

What I do I’m Dom. I’m currently doing my PhD in Manchester, focusing on a tissue engineering approach to the regeneration of the anterior cruciate ligament. I.e I put cells on different materials and see what happens! I studied my Undergraduate Masters at The University of Manchester and explored research for bone, nerve, skin andContinue reading “I think an introduction is in order”