Handmade Wooden House Name

It’s been a while. Apologies. Work at uni has been a little tough as of late. Things are a little delayed, but they’re looking up so I’m getting back in to the swing of my extra-curricula activities. As I’ve mentioned before, I find designing, creating, DIY etc really helpful to relieve stress and anxiety. IContinue reading “Handmade Wooden House Name”

Home alarm with an Arduino

My university degree didn’t involve electronics, or at least the hands-on aspect of using them at least. I did cover basic circuitry, but my study mostly focused on the physics of it all, namely something known as quantum mechanics. I won’t delve into that side of things, but the thing to remember with that canContinue reading “Home alarm with an Arduino”

Making kombucha leather fabric: Using the SCOBY sheets (3/3)

Now this part was probably my favourite aspect out of the entire project. I called upon the wonder skills of my Mother over at Textiles Matters who kindly tested the capability of the SCOBY fabric to hold a stitch. Well neither disappointed! I plan to test thee strength of the fabric using a tensile testingContinue reading “Making kombucha leather fabric: Using the SCOBY sheets (3/3)”

Making kombucha leather fabric: Drying the SCOBY sheets (2/3)

Okey, this part of the process I found quite exciting as you can see the material form as the SCOBY sheets dry out. It takes a while mind, but well worth the wait. For my SCOBY sheet, I waited for approximately 4.5 weeks because I wanted it to be on the thicker side. There’s aContinue reading “Making kombucha leather fabric: Drying the SCOBY sheets (2/3)”

Making kombucha leather fabric: Growing SCOBY sheets (1/3)

This is the first step to creating some leather-like material at home, using the same process to make Kombucha.I shall detail the drying process in the next posts. I’ve always been a little sceptical of kombucha if I’m being honest. I think it’s because it’s often associated with being trendy rather than solely for itsContinue reading “Making kombucha leather fabric: Growing SCOBY sheets (1/3)”

Homemade leather card holder

I thought I’d give working with leather another try. It isn’t that my last home project using the material was particularly difficult, but rather I had some leftover leather after making a knife sheath and so didn’t want to just discard it. Despite already having a sturdy wallet already, I have on numerous occasions beenContinue reading “Homemade leather card holder”

Knife sheath from an upcycled leather notebook

I love a good looking sheath for any knife, especially a leather one. I had a look at buying one, but as most of you create lot can appreciate there’s nothing better than something you’ve made yourself. I thought about whether it was necessarily needed for my newly upcycled kitchen knife, but I thought itContinue reading “Knife sheath from an upcycled leather notebook”

Renovated carpentry knife for the kitchen

I’ve always wanted a meat cleaver, or at least a decent sized knife with some weight behind it. My Dad has a wide variety of tools from his Father, most of which have been outdated by either mechanical equipment or developments in the design. Rummaging through them, one in particular caught my eye and havingContinue reading “Renovated carpentry knife for the kitchen”