Home alarm with an Arduino

My university degree didn’t involve electronics, or at least the hands-on aspect of using them at least. I did cover basic circuitry, but my study mostly focused on the physics of it all, namely something known as quantum mechanics. I won’t delve into that side of things, but the thing to remember with that canContinue reading “Home alarm with an Arduino”

How do I communicate the future of 3D printing in medicine?

It’s safe to say that 3D printing is not a new concept to most with the first findings tracing back to Hideo Kodama in 1981, a Japanese inventor. If you have any questions on his method of 3D printing, just drop me a line. 3D printing has become one of the most widely recognised buzzContinue reading “How do I communicate the future of 3D printing in medicine?”

I think an introduction is in order

What I do I’m Dom. I’m currently doing my PhD in Manchester, focusing on a tissue engineering approach to the regeneration of the anterior cruciate ligament. I.e I put cells on different materials and see what happens! I studied my Undergraduate Masters at The University of Manchester and explored research for bone, nerve, skin andContinue reading “I think an introduction is in order”